Reflection with Reiki. Reflecting back on the last few years.

Reiki has brought so much joy into my life, I found the missing part of me, which needed to be nurtured and allowed to grow, blossom, heal and love. Reiki helped me gain further insights into my spiritual side.  My health has improved and I am more focused on what I have in my life rather than what I don’t have in my life.  I try to keep positive thoughts in my head and give gratitude for what I can and am able to have in my life.

Look around… do you see the fluffy clouds in the sky, do you hear the birds singing? can you smell the rain on the ground, the blossom in the trees, the scent of flowers in the gardens.  All these things we can take for granted, now I give thanks for the everyday things.  Reiki has brought a greater understanding of the world I live in, how to be more content with where I am in myself.  To understand that we all have a path to follow, some will cross my path and some with walk with me, some will dip in and out of my life.
Through Reiki, I have made some wonderful friendships and feel blessed. My dreams are coming true and I am living the life I desire. I still have things and places I want to do and visit….which I will in time.
I now run my own business where I offer Reiki, provide Reiki training for all 3 levels and offer Indian Head Massage in and my new room in Delph.
Volunteering at Dr Kershaws Hospice is very rewarding and I am humbled by the staff, carers and patients that I come into contact with.

Would you like to know how Reiki can make a difference in your life?

All comments and thoughts are welcome.